• We have three Dental clinics across GTA, all our doctors, hygienists vote for ELIMEDICAL gloves. You are the winner !

    Brampton, ON

  • Thank you ELIMEDICAL! High quality, Good service, Competitive price, you know very well why we always call you when we need the dental supplies.

    Donna, Davisview Dental
    Newmarket, ON

  • Thank you ELIMEDICAL! it is amazing how you have been delivering to us the same high quality of Dental gloves for the past five years ! the Feel, the Touch, the Grid , I will never change.

    Dr. Scolieri Dentistry
    Vaughan, ON

  • Hi Elimedical, I wanted to let you know the last fellow you sent Diabetic Cat Care's way - the one who was looking to buy syringes and you sent to DCC......his cat has now been in diabetic remission for 3 weeks, not needing any more insulin! Because of you, Al was able to cure his cat from feline diabetes. I thought you would like to know you are behind helping to save a life! Hope you are having a very prosperous and happy New Year.

    Linda -

  • Great quality gloves for a very competitive price. We have been a customer for the past 5 years and are very satisfied with the service, quality and fast delivery. Thank You.

    Dr. L. Lopardo
    Maple, ON

  • Concord Surgical Supplies has been carrying ELIMEDICAL Products since 2008. Hundreds of customer across Western Canada rely on ELIMEDICAL to fulfill their hospital & clinic needs. Their service and excellent quality is what keeps our customers coming back.Thank you and keep up the good work!

    Gerry Briffett
    Maple Ridge, BC

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Bottle Adapter Bottle Adapter

BDT24mm100 pcs/pkg x 20/case22.32Box

Caps for O-Ring Dispenser Caps for O-Ring Dispenser

CapsBlue100 pcs/Box x 100/cs5.25Box

O-Ring Dispenser O-Ring Dispenser

01PC1cc100 pcs/box x 24/cs18.47Box
03PC3cc100 pcs/box x 16/cs17.67Box
05PC5cc100 pcs/box x 12/cs19.81Box
10PC10cc100 pcs/box x 8/cs24.27Box

O-Ring Dispenser, Amber O-Ring Dispenser, Amber

01PA1cc, Accumed100 pcs/box x 24/case18.80Box
03PA3cc, Accumed100 pcs/box x 16/case17.95Box

Oral Medication Kit Oral Medication Kit

OMK1 Each dispenser/bottle/adapter10 kits/pkg x 25/case16.30Box

Safety Pill Vials Safety Pill Vials

PV078DR, Amber100 pcs/bag x 4/case0.00Box
PV1213DR, Amber100 pcs/bag x 3/case13.30Box

Universal Adapter Universal Adapter

ADTAdapter for drug bottles2 pcs/Bag X 25/BX x 8 /CS2.20Box
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